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Social Media & Cyber Searches

Social Media Research and Analysis
Although we offer a wide range of investigative services, we specialize in social media investigations and deep web cyber searching.  Used as an investigative tool, specifically when insurance fraud is suspected, social media investigations can prove to be extremely beneficial.  By locating and examining a subject’s online presence, valuable information can be found with respect to the validity of claims, fraudulent or otherwise.  These results can stand alone and be relied upon when surveillance of the individual may be difficult or impossible.  The results can also be used to further improve the quality and value of surveillance efforts.

Cyber research is a valuable investigative tool, which helps to:

  • Uncover Evidence of Fraudulent Claims
  • Locate Subjects and Missing Persons
  • Confirming Actions that may Contradict Work Restrictions/Insurance Claims
  • Prove Timelines and Associates
  • Verify Employment
  • Confirm Suspicions